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Meet Amanda

Amanda is a talented clarity coach and textile artist; who relishes unraveling problems, big or small. She has a firey passion for life and loves to share that with others. She understands the threads that flow through life and loves to help untangle them. Amanda wants everyone to be able to flow through life with ease. 


If you are struggling or intrigued, please do not hesitate to contact her to arrange a casual chat. If you are feeling hesitant, ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? The answer is a  connected conversation and a cup of tea. 

Phone: 078808 10631


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"When I first went to Amanda for coaching, I was a mess. I felt I was unimportant and worthless. 
My life has since improved immensely. I am more honest with myself and others. But more than that I can deal with things better by looking at them and questioning."
"To sum up I have found my coaching extremely satisfying and helpful. I feel positive and hopeful for the future."
"Working with Amanda was the best experience I have ever had in regards to my emotional and mental health."
"One of the great things about working with Amanda, was that she helped me to question everything and dig so much deeper into my emotions than I ever imagined I could. Making some really difficult experiences much simpler and easier to understand."
"Amanda was one of the easiest people to talk to and at no point was I ever made to feel judged for how I felt."
Because of the confidential nature of my client relationships, the above quotes must all remain anonymous.

What is coaching? How does it work? Will I be embarrassed? Will we dig into my past? Will I cry? How much coaching will I need? 

These are all questions Amanda has been asked by people who are intrigued by what she does.

The only way to answer these questions is to jump through the fear barrier and contact Amanda to arrange an initial conversation. Everybody has their own unique way of looking at life and only you know the solutions to your problems. Through gentle questioning, Amanda will help you see your path to a brighter future.

What could be better?

Every coaching client is an individual and so Amanda tailors each package to suit: from one off conversations, right through to a three month or longer package. Coaching can take place face to face, via zoom, over coffee or while walking in the woods - you choose.

Please ring me.


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