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Amanda is Clarity Coach and a Textile Artist. 

Having spent a lifetime playing with threads and fabric, she jumped at

the opportunity to take her hobby a step further and enrolled to take

an A level in textile, having enjoyed her experience and obtaining an

A grade, Amanda went on to participate in a art foundation

course, graduating with a distinction.

Amanda had hoped to study textile design at Bath University however

life took a different turn at this stage when her eldest daughter was

diagnosed with a rare untreatable cancer.  

Creativity was a great support for Amanda during the subsequent period

of grief. She busied herself in her spare bedroom, this was a truly cathartic experience out of which came some interesting mixed media pieces.

Amanda then looked at joining other local artists in sharing her work with the public as part the Marlborough open studios. She was lucky enough to be offered a bursary which included some drawing lessons with local Artist Michael Angove, who gave her some very helpful tips on what and how to exhibit. Amanda shared her work with many visitors over the four weekends of the open studios, soon there were red dots on most of her work.

As many of you will know grief is a truly personal experience and Amanda had a pretty tough time coming to grips with hers. This took her on a journey of self discovery and culminated in her training as a clarity coach. 
In her words, “from the outside my life is pretty much the same as ever it was, it is inside where there has been and continues to be change, wonderful, unbelievable change. Life is calmer quieter and yet I am doing more and am less tired. I never had enough time, now I have plenty and yet never look at a clock, I am living the life I alway thought eluded me. I now see solutions not problems.” Amanda now shares her new found knowledge in 1:1 and group coaching sessions. In the hope that others will benefit as she has. 

Recently Amanda's textile work has been heavily influenced by her Coaching and she had an exhibition in September 2021. In this exhibition she used her textile pieces to explore the question Who am I?

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