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An example of a connected conversation

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Below is a video of a conversation I had with my daughter Katie, during my clarity coach training some years ago. I think it speaks for itself.

The Background

Katie and I had a tricky relationship which began to go wrong when she was 14 years old and her father and I divorced.

I believed I had been a good mother and looked after Katie both physically and emotionally really well.

HER reality was totally different. How could two people have such a different view of the same relationship? As well as this, in her teenage years Katie started to get multiple tattoos, something which was a real problem for me. I had lots of stories in my head about tattoos and I attached meaning to them. Soon my feelings about the tattoos got in the way of our relationship. This now seems ridiculous and I don't notice the tattoos anymore.

I believe through being coached I was able to see beyond the thinking about the tattoos and to the beautiful daughter I have.

This video was just a bit of fun that evolved into a beautiful conversation which I wanted to share.

I think you can see the connection that we now have. I am pleased to say that since this was filmed some time ago, our relationship has gone on to flourish. There are now more tattoos, more piercings, more daughter and more love in our lives.

At one point to have a relationship like this with my daughter would have been a dream. without coaching this relationship would not have been possible. Nothing has changed and yet at the same time everything has changed.

With love, from love, to love,

Your Amanda

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